Mission Statement

Since 1955, Best Financial Credit Union, formerly Community Schools Credit Union, has focused on providing a comprehensive, member-first banking alternative to the people of West Michigan. We've done so by a combination of getting to know our members' needs on a personal basis, then responding with customized, state-of-the-art services.

Recently, we've expanded our charter from exclusively serving school employees to reaching non-school employees within the West Michigan area. Although our charter has changed, our founding principles have and always will remain the same.

Best Financial Credit Union Beliefs

Our collective beliefs define our organization.


  • Members come "first".
  • We must offer reasonably priced services to our members.
  • Members will be treated equally and fairly.
  • Member counseling and education is vital.
  • Confidentiality is essential.
  • Staff must be service oriented, friendly, courteous, and well trained.
  • Services to members must be convenient.
  • Meeting member's needs is essential.
  • Once a member, always a member.
  • We must maintain a presence in the marketplace for all potential members.
  • The membership must share in the financial success of the credit union.
  • The success of the credit union is dependent on strong, dedicated leadership.


Best Financial Credit Union is owned and controlled by its members for their financial benefit and personal services for every member.

Vision Statement

Building Relationships...One Member At A Time.

Benefits of Credit Union Membership

Unlike being just another bank customer, at a credit union, you're a member — one with a share in everything we do as an institution. Plus, as a not-for-profit institution, our focus is not on personal gains; it's exclusively on the financial well-being of our members. Rather than pocket any profits earned, we pour that money back into the institution, securing better rates, services, and benefits for our well-deserving members.

Value-Added Services

  • Kasasa® Checking & Savings - What's better than free? How about free plus rewards! Get the power of free checking or savings, plus rewards that really speak to you, including high interest, cash back, digital download reimbursements, and automatic savings generation!
  • Comprehensive Protection – At Best Financial Credit Union, we don't only help you secure financing for assets, we help you protect them after the fact too. We offer several insurance options, including extended warranty, auto, life, home, flood, debt protection, and more.
  • Customized Lending – One loan definitely does not fit all at Best Financial Credit Union. Get lending that's custom-fitted to your unique needs on anything from vehicle loans, to home loans, lifetime learning loans, and more.
  • Around-The-Clock Services – At Best Financial Credit Union, we help our members make the most of their precious time. That's why we're constantly looking for quick and easy services to improve their banking lives.
  • County Teachers Insurance Agency - Since 2000, Best Financial Credit Union has offered increased security, protection, and peace of mind to our valued members. Our variety of insurance offerings are designed to accommodate the varied needs of all of our members. You can trust us to recommend policy options specific to your needs, and to proactively review your coverage as life stage events occur along the road of life.

Thank You From Best Financial Credit Union

As a credit union that truly functions for our members, we'd like to thank you for believing in us and motivating us to bring our best to work every single day. If you're new to the Best Financial Credit Union experience, we invite you to learn more about what it means to join a credit union that truly values its members. Because the best makes life better.