Visa Credit Cards

Visa Credit Cards

Experience a boost in purchasing power with Visa® on hand. Make purchases online or in-store virtually anytime, anywhere. Our Visa® credit card features a competitively low fixed rate and no annual fees.

Best of all, by signing up for Star Points you can even get rewarded for every swipe. Earn one bonus point for every dollar purchased, redeemable for several brand-name gifts and travel rewards. Pay others and get paid back in rewards — sign up for the simplified convenience of Visa today.

  • Competitively low fixed rate
  • No annual fee
  • Star Points bonus point program* available
  • Earn one bonus point for every dollar purchased with your card Visa® Platinum card
  • Points redeemable for a number of brand-name gifts and travel rewards
  • To redeem points earned, visit or call 1.866.645.1699
  • 25-day grace period (pay your balance in full within 25 days and avoid interest charges on purchases)
  • Cash advances available (instant cash is available at any financial institution displaying the Visa® logo)
  • Balance transfer high interest cards to your Best Financial Credit Union Platinum Visa
  • Set up automatic transfers from your account
  • Easily manage and make payments 24/7 from your online banking portal
  • Gain peace of mind via 24-hour fraud protection
  • Easily contact numbers for around-the-clock assistance

Contact Information

Lost or Stolen Card: 1.888.241.2510

Member Services: 1.231.733.1329

Automatic Transfer Options: 1.231.733.1329 x102

Mail Payment: 1888 E Sherman Blvd. Muskegon, MI 49444

*Points may be revoked at credit union's discretion. Not every card is eligible for the program.